Well, here's the last update of the vacation. Tomorrow, it's back to work! That's why today, I climbed Mt. Bandai, and what a day it turned out to be. I kinda played it by ear on this one, and depending on how you look at it...nah, it could've gone better, however you see it. (^-^)
I got to the station without a problem, but the mountain turned out to be quite a ways from the station, so I had to take a taxi, which turned out to be much more than I expected; so much that I didn't have enough to pay for a ride back to the station. So, after hiking for about 3 and a half hours, I ended up having to walk back to the train station. About 15 km, by my estimates. On top of that, the top of the mountain (that wasn't meant to be a pun, I'm just naturally hilarious I guess) was stuck in the clouds, so I never got a good view from the top. But all in all, I still had a pretty good time. And guess what? I got some pictures and junk! For reals. But I've gotta get some sleep, so I'm gone! じゃね~。
またこんちゃみんなさん!So vacation hasn't been quite as I planned, but I've still been able to do a lot. After my first day of vacation, I had a bit of a rest and recover day, followed by a beach barbecue at lake Inawashiro! It was a great time, though I didn't take many pictures. Just a couple. But the day was full of beach volleyball and awesome barbecue food, and ended with a bonfire and fireworks. Not bad at all, I'd say.
And the following day (Sunday) not much happened until about 6:00 when I went to play more volleyball, have dinner, and play darts until a ridiculously late hour. I didn't get back to my apartment until about 5:30 in the early morn, and subsequently passed out upon collapsing on my futon. Again, not many pictures. I'm not a very good photographer. Or blogger for that matter, I don't give you people as much as you deserve!
Today, I managed to visit a few shrines/temples after I deemed the weather a bit too questionable for a hike up Mt. Bandai. I'm thinking tmw. Anyway, I did manage to go grocery shopping and do laundry as well. What a bore, right? Those pictures from the temples and shrines (which I DID take!) are included in the post for you! I wish I could have gone to a couple more, but I'll find some more time while I'm here, I know it!
And tomorrow is my last. Vacation day! So I have to climb Mt. Bandai tomorrow, no putting it off. And as far as pictures...I'll do my best. Talk to you tmw Internet bros and brodettes. またねぇ!
Yo and hey, every persons. Well, my first day of my one week vacation was today. I have some ideas about what I want to do with my time off, but no solid plans yet. My "must-do" list consists of only two missions:
1) Visit as many sake breweries as possible (there are 13 in Aizu Wakamatsu, unless I missed some)
2) Climb Mt. Bandai
I also have a bunch of less pressing ideas buzzing around, like checking out shrines and temples, going to an onsen, and trying some real Aizu cuisine! Those are for if I find time, though.
Today, I did manage to get to a brewery, and purchased some sake for my own enjoyment throughout the week. But here, I'll illustrate my day using pictures!
This is the brewery I went to today, Miyaizumi. It was eerily similar to a winery in the states, but with sake, not wine. I got to try a couple types (and bought a bottle of my favorite) sake, as well as a drink made from wheat. Couldn't read the bottle enough to tell exactly what it was.
I would have taken a tour of the whole brewery, but as you can see most of it is under construction.
The restaurant I went to to try "basashi," horse meat. I had what they call Sakura, which is raw horse meat served on ice.
Appetizers before the main course. Lots of veggies, and a soup made with horse.
The main course. Yes, that is raw horse meat on ice. And it's pretty good.
Finally, the sake I bought today. It's called "sasameyuki," and it's a sweet, cloudy sake. It's delicious.