Yo and hey, every persons. Well, my first day of my one week vacation was today. I have some ideas about what I want to do with my time off, but no solid plans yet. My "must-do" list consists of only two missions:
1) Visit as many sake breweries as possible (there are 13 in Aizu Wakamatsu, unless I missed some)
2) Climb Mt. Bandai
I also have a bunch of less pressing ideas buzzing around, like checking out shrines and temples, going to an onsen, and trying some real Aizu cuisine! Those are for if I find time, though.
Today, I did manage to get to a brewery, and purchased some sake for my own enjoyment throughout the week. But here, I'll illustrate my day using pictures!
This is the brewery I went to today, Miyaizumi. It was eerily similar to a winery in the states, but with sake, not wine. I got to try a couple types (and bought a bottle of my favorite) sake, as well as a drink made from wheat. Couldn't read the bottle enough to tell exactly what it was.
I would have taken a tour of the whole brewery, but as you can see most of it is under construction.
The restaurant I went to to try "basashi," horse meat. I had what they call Sakura, which is raw horse meat served on ice.
Appetizers before the main course. Lots of veggies, and a soup made with horse.
The main course. Yes, that is raw horse meat on ice. And it's pretty good.
Finally, the sake I bought today. It's called "sasameyuki," and it's a sweet, cloudy sake. It's delicious.


09/08/2012 15:53

Zach..It's Mother frieda Weekend..So funny you posted something...It looks great..horse meat maybe not...Miss & Love U ..watch for Mail & Pics..God Bless..Be Safe & Take care


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