Well, here's the last update of the vacation. Tomorrow, it's back to work! That's why today, I climbed Mt. Bandai, and what a day it turned out to be. I kinda played it by ear on this one, and depending on how you look at it...nah, it could've gone better, however you see it. (^-^)
I got to the station without a problem, but the mountain turned out to be quite a ways from the station, so I had to take a taxi, which turned out to be much more than I expected; so much that I didn't have enough to pay for a ride back to the station. So, after hiking for about 3 and a half hours, I ended up having to walk back to the train station. About 15 km, by my estimates. On top of that, the top of the mountain (that wasn't meant to be a pun, I'm just naturally hilarious I guess) was stuck in the clouds, so I never got a good view from the top. But all in all, I still had a pretty good time. And guess what? I got some pictures and junk! For reals. But I've gotta get some sleep, so I'm gone! じゃね~。


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