Honestly, I didn't even know it happened. I was on the subway when it happened, and I didn't feel a thing. My girlfriend did, however, notice the digital sign that listed which train we were on flickered for a second, and she felt like it was some horror or sci-fi movie thing. And I, of course, told her it was nothing, and that she was just being paranoid. It wasn't until everyone was in the streets on their phones that we heard someone mention an earthquake. So I guess from now on when I tell her it's nothing, she'll remind me about the earthquake.
    And of course, I knew I could count on you, internet. I knew a natural disaster could never occur without someone mocking it openly on the internet. Ok, it wasn't really a "disaster" in NYC, which made it all the funnier when all the reaction in the city was parodied by others. One of my favorite quotes I read yesterday was from someone's Twitter account (don't remember whose, it was on some website listing people's reactions) was this: "In retrospect, I resorted to cannibalism rather fast after the earthquake."  Oh, and this picture, which many have commented over:


    Well, only a few more days until I head back to Vermont for my last two semesters of schooling, and I'm actually looking forward to it this time around. Maybe because I'll be off campus, not have to wear a uniform, only have 11 credits of classes, and not have to go to any parades, formations, or any of that crap! I guess it also helps that the people we're staying with are super chill. They're down with putting in a bar and doing some beer brewing. Plus, they've got chickens. Yes, I said chickens. にわとり。Galline. I can't wait until they have to get rid of some and we get fresh chicken meat. It's just another one of those things to look forward to.
    I have to be off to figure out some things before classes begin, so unfortunately, I have to leave now and actually do some work, make some calls, run some errands. The next time I write, I'll be in the state of green mountains, enjoying my normal college experience, so until then, しっかりして。 Stay belìssimo internet.


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