So, how is everyone liking the new idea so far? I mean, all I have so far is really a new home page, but I guess it's the way it feels to me that is more different than anything else. This summer has really been all about new things and experiences for me. I have my first internship working with a contracting engineer, I've started doing things on a weekly basis like rock climbing and kung fu lessons, and a lot of people I know have been traveling, so I've been hearing all their stories and getting really excited about traveling myself. Heck, that is what spawned this revolution of my website, after all. And it was all long awaited excitement to really jump start the motivation.
    But about some languages! Like I said, everyone's been traveling. My parents got back from a week in Italy about a month ago, and my dad was fortunately mistaken as one of the locals while he was over there. And when I say fortunately, I mean he came back and was telling us everything he knew in Italian, and he sounded pretty good! And of course, my girlfriend got to see almost all of Europe for six weeks doing research. And now she want to go somewhere for Spring Break this coming year. Hopefully we can swing a trip to Italy, since she didn't get much of a chance to see it while she was abroad.
    Which is why I have to get a move on with learning some Italian! It's been a little less than a week, so the most I can say or understand right now are some greetings and phrases. Things like "come stai?" or "a piu tardi," which I have been trying to use exclusively with my parents to get them involved with it as well. But who would have thought that the other country where Hamtaro was fairly popular (or popolari) was Italy, right? I guess it just makes it easier to have a learning aid that I can see and hear in all English, Japanese, and Italian. Even if it is a kids show.
    But seriously, if I was a child living in either Japan or Italy and learning the language, that's the logical step, right? I can't hope to watch something like ざといち and understand much of it, since it's intended for adult audiences if I can't understand colors or other basic ideas, can I? I'm working in steps here, so before you consider me weird for watching a show like that, just take a minute and use your brain, kay?
    And just look at that! Five paragraphs of wordy, (hopefully) humor-laden lingual vomit, and it hasn't even taken me a full half an hour! I dare say, this could actually work out for me. And maybe someday when I'm finally fluent in Japanese (or Italian, it could happen!) I might be able to do the same thing for the few who would read this and are fluent themselves. But that's just daydreaming and wishing. We'll see when that day comes. For now, I'm off to watch some Italian shows, listen to some Japanese music, or do whatever the hell I want, as long as it's not in English, so farewell everyone, and I hope it was enjoyable. じゃね!


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