So this American movie just made it over here to Japan last weekend, and I took my day off today to head to Koriyama to see it. I had heard good things about it, and I wasn't disappointed. I'll state first that I did watch the Japanese dub, so what I will talk about disregards the voice talents.
     Most of it really seemed to work, and I was really impressed with especially the visual style. Characters seemed to move and match the game genre they were supposed to parody. The music was pretty good and matched the atmosphere as well. Even the short before the film really impressed me, and they didn't even talk. The only thing that seemed really out of place was the romance they threw in there. That seemed kind of forced to me.
     So that's what I thought of the movie, but this post is more to show that I was actually pretty glad I watched the Japanese dub. I mean, I would have loved to hear the original voices (Maurice Lamarshe and Jim Cummings, among a few other really talented voice actors, were in there!), but it felt awfully good to be able to listen and catch most of the story without aid! Learning a language sometimes feels like you're going nowhere (we call that a plateau), but this movie turned out to be a great motivator. "You DO know some things!" it seemed to shout at me. Aggressively. It was kind of a jerk about it.
     But I'm getting off the topic now, and I've said what needed saying. Happy April Fool's day and Easter everyone, and keep a look out for my Cherry Blossom update! They're coming soon!!

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