I'm not sure if I've announced on my blog or not, but my time in Japan is almost over. My last day of working as an English teacher is on June 21st, after which I'll be traveling around Japan for about three weeks and flying back to the United States on July 12th. I arrived in Japan on June 3rd, 2012, so as of tomorrow, I will have been in Japan for an entire two years. Looking back, I'm surprised how fast everything has gone, and as much as I want to see my family in America, I'm really sad to be leaving. I've come to really love Aizu Wakamatsu since I first got here.

    Yesterday, all of my friends I play volleyball with on Sundays held a barbecue for me at Seseragi Park, and I played my last game volleyball since the rest of this month will be too busy for me to make it, unfortunately. I gave a quick speech to them in Japanese (since they asked) but obviously it didn't quite capture what I wanted to say, seeing as it was a bit on the spot. Therefore, I wanted to actually write out a bit more of what I wanted to say for everyone who was generous enough to throw me a party and make yesterday - as well as every other Sunday since I came here - so great.
    Finally, I wanted to add a quick picture of the card everyone gave me yesterday, since I've been looking at it all day. ^-^ After finishing here in Aizu, I'm taking some time to go sightseeing in a couple cities around Japan, so I'll try to post pictures and stories along the way. Thanks everryone, and see you later!


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