Today was the day! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in Aizu, so I spent the day, from about 11:00 this morning until almost 6:00 pm, walking around the city and taking pictures of so many trees it would drive anyone crazy. I started with my map of Aizu, picked a bunch of places I thought looked good, and set off on my journey. I could talk for a long time about all the stuff I did, but I figure it would just be better to post the pictures from the whole day. I took about 160 throughout the day and ended up deleting about 25 crappy ones, but that still leaves a total of 135 pictures for everybody to enjoy. I'm not posting them all here, only because it will take hours for all that stuff to load, and then I'm sure the slideshow would also take a million years to load for anyone to see. However, I'll give you all a list of the areas I went to, though it includes a number of side streets where I saw something interesting and ventured from the beaten path. Let me know what you all think, hit me up with any questions, and maybe I'll provide a little more of the story later on, assuming people want to know. ^_^ Stay classy ladies and gents.

  1. My apartment
  2. Tsurugajo (and a few shrines/temples along the way)
  3. Oyakuen Botanical Garden
  4. Aizu Bukeyashiki Samurai Residence
  5. Oryuji...I think (on the map [大龍寺], but not one of the dots)
  6. Iimoriyama
  7. Ishibezakura, one of five famous sakura trees in Aizu
  8. Kogaikuni Shrine


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