Hello again Internet peoples. Sorry this update is a little later than I intended. I got super sick on Monday night, which is when I had originally wanted to update. Probably one of the worst sick experiences I've ever had. But strangely, by the time work rolled around, I was a lot better, aside from being exhausted from lack of sleep. Don't worry! I'm good now!
    In all honesty, not much happened this weekend. I only had one day off since I worked on Sunday, though I did do a little grocery shopping. I even bought some sake, but it turned out to be the worst sake I've had in Japan. Most other sakes I've tried were smooth and tasted a bit sweet. This one felt like it was burning my throat after taking a sip. I have to get some advice on decent sake before I try to make another purchase. I don't want to make that mistake again.
    On Monday, I had a bike ride around town. I went from downtown to the station to the outskirts, where all the really big chain stores are. Didn't really buy much, just a couple CDs I've been trying to find for two months! Seriously, I thought they'd be easier to find in Japan, seeing as they are some of the most well-known shamisen players in the country, but I guess shamisen isn't as popular as I thought it was... 残念。(T_T)
    It was at a big thrift/recycle store too, so the two CDs were probably worth the equivalent of... I'd say $13 or $14. Not bad, but I guess they could have been a bit cheaper. At least the condition is like new. There was a ton of other cool stuff in there too. For maybe 1000¥ or so I could have bought an old style Playstation. And for 2100¥ they had a classical guitar which, while scratched up pretty bad, still sounded pretty good. When I can think of a way to transport such a thing to my apartment I might procure it.
    Well, I do have work today, so I think I'm going to get started with breakfast and then get myself ready to entertain and teach some kids. And adults, though I don't do nearly as much dancing for them. (^-^) じゃね〜!
Another thing I found at the recycle store had a name and custom, beautiful inlays on the fretboard. That seal is the Tokugawa family seal. It's probably the most well known in Japan, since the Tokugawa family served as the Shoguns of Japan for more than 200 years. I was in love.


31/07/2012 21:53

Woah, completely forgot to mention the Japanese barbecue I went to! Japanese barbecues are a bit different than American ones, I've learned. There's a lot of rice (of course) and veggies in addition to all types of meat. No hamburgers, all the meat is in thin, single-serve pieces, so you just take what you want. Pork, chicken, beef, squid, just about everything.
The other thing is, I've never eaten that much unless i was at a big family party. But where all the food is placed out at most of the family parties I've attended, they just kept bringing things out one at a time. I was deceived into eating more so I wouldn't miss out! That being said it was unbelievably delicious. When I get the pictures I'll make sure to post them.


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