PictureBlurry picture of me!
    Hot dang, it's been an up and down couple of weeks, that's for true.I guess I'll start with the sakura pictures I got over a month ago.I took bunches, but I wasn't able to find them for a while, so I thought they were deleted. Then, miraculously, I found them again! What a happy day that was. I actually went two days in a row to Tsuragajo. On the Sunday that I went, it was freaking snowing all over the sakura! I took some pictures of that too, but that's not what y'all are interested in (unless you ask nicely ^-^). So, needless to say, I wasn't that satisfied, and I went again the next day (a Monday). The weather was better, but it was as New Englandy as you can ever imagine. It was sunny, then raining, then sunny, then cloudy, then raining, and on and on. Rinse and repeat. In the bouts of nice weather I did manage to catch some good pictures, and followed that up with some public drinking with a few other foreigners.

    Starting the next weekend was Japandemonium! My parents and brothers visited Japan, and we had an awesome week! I didn't take many pictures, but my brother did, and now I've got 'em! We started in Tokyo for a few days before traveling to Kyoto. After that was the long drive up to Aizu, and finally a few more days in good 'ol Tokyo. I could explain our crazy adventures, but why would I do that when I can show you through the magic of digital pictures!
    The only down side was that all of our fun resulted in a nice cold for me that I was fighting for about a week before getting back to 100%. And now it's back to work and Japanese learning, although I have to admit, I used a lot of Japanese while traveling with the fam. I dare say, I kind of enjoyed being an impromptu translator! Anyway, sorry again for the long wait, but I've just been living real life. I sometimes think it would be cool to have a recognizable name online or be a part of a web community, but then I decide to go for a walk, or to play volleyball. Enjoy the pics everybody, and I'll catch you all later!


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