It's been two weeks since I last wrote, so I guess it's about time for an update. That and I'm sitting on a train for an hour, so it passes the time. Honestly, I don't have a lot to report on. Just the everyday working, failing at cooking, and watching some DVDs.
    This weekend was the one that was really exciting. I met a couple of guys the other night (it was obvious they were not Japanese) from Germany. Lucky me, because they took me to a club they tend to visit from time to time, and it was a great time. Expensive, but great. The way they work is remarkably different from clubs in the states. And I'm quite happy with the variations.
    Yesterday, I volunteered to read to some young children and play some games at the library, and I must say, those kids were the best hokey pokeyers I've ever seen. Then volleyball, as I do every Sunday night, followed by karaoke! Man, do I love karaoke. Especially with people who also have such a great time there. For real, I have a hard time keeping up with some of the others.
    And today I took a journey to Koriyama, which is the nearest sizeable (not big) city to Aizu. Just kinda checked looked around and got a little change of scenery. There's a movie theater there too, and I watched one of the new releases in Japan, "Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki." I thought it was pretty good, but I was only working off I a basic understanding of Japanese. Still, I enjoyed it.
    And as we speak (or as I write; I'm learning how little the English language makes sense) I'm headed back to Aizu to meet a friend and maybe have some dinner. Who knows?! The possibilities are ENDLESS!
    Aaaaand... That's all I've really got right now. I'm surely forgetting something that I'll regret not adding later, but it's not like it will ruin anyone's life if I miss something... I think. Anyway, keep it real, and maybe in a few weeks I'll have something to say about sake (I'm thinking of checking out some breweries and stuff)! じゃね!


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