Hey again, all! Here's my next speaking video update for this week, this time talking about cooking. It's a little shorter than the last, but it also didn't include an introduction or anything like that. Actually, I got more views on the first video than I thought, and I did manage to get some corrections for later. Hoorah! Thanks again everyone, and here's the video.



Wolf's Rain」のDVDを買った!先に全く番組を観てでも宮崎の映画ようにこれは大好き。みんながつめすきでもかれ毎アニメ主人公ように。詰らないでしょう!ひげはもっと面白いです。少ない人を終わりが説き明くんだために紛らわしいそうです。
    私も「ラースト侍」を得た。多い英語を含んだでも筋書きと武士道の価値体系を好き。アクションも。 :) 「
Letters From Iwo Jima」も得た求む。これが永いこと観ない。武映画とアニメの映画を私で与えろよ!

    So this site has been up for a few days now. I still don't have any comments, but this is only the second post! I have a lot of time to write today since I'm trying to set a school record. Staying the longest time in the mess hall! I'm staying from 9:30 to 19:00. It's 13:08 right now. 6 hours left.
    But let's get started! Today I'm going to write about movies. Like music, I only know a few enjoyable movies. I've seen a lot of Miyazaki movies. I'm actually watching ”My Neighbor Totoro" right now! How many movies has he made anyway? I think I've seen them all, but I'm not sure. I'm slowly learning by watching them but I watch the same ones again and again. I need variation!
    Hayao Miyazaki can write about anything and everything, don't you think? ”Ponyo" is like a kid's movie, but "Princess Mononoke" is so violent! It's good, but Ashitaka severs people's heads and the deer spirit gets shot! Twice! Don't show that to the kids. My favorite Miyazaki movie is "Howl's Moving Castle.”Who doesn't like Howl?!
    I own few other Japanese videos, but I recently bought the "Wolf's Rain" DVD! I've watched the whole thing through before, but like the Miyazaki movies, I love them. Everyone like Tsume, but he's just like every other Anime protagonist. Boring! Hige is much more interesting. I had to explain the ending to a few people since it's so confusing, though.
    I also have "The Last Samurai". There's a lot of English in it, but I like the plot and the Bushidou value system. And the action. :) I also want to get "Letters from Iwo Jima." I haven't seen it in a long time. Give me the war movies and animated movies!
    It's 16:09 now. Only 3 hours left! It takes a long time for me to write a post.. I hope all this writing is helping me. Thanks for reading! Farewell.