Hey again, all! Here's my next speaking video update for this week, this time talking about cooking. It's a little shorter than the last, but it also didn't include an introduction or anything like that. Actually, I got more views on the first video than I thought, and I did manage to get some corrections for later. Hoorah! Thanks again everyone, and here's the video.

    Just a quick little thing today. I started with that whole "conversation practice video" thing today, and I figured I should post it on here for all to see! It's about a five minute video of me introducing me, talking a little about what I'm doing, and giving it a quick shot. I felt like I did a pretty poor job in the actual video, but I figured out how to take and upload and edit videos, and it's just a start anyway. We'll see how it goes from here on out. Cheers y'all!

PictureRockin' that yukata.
    Well, I’ve finally reached the one year point of my stay in Japan. Honestly, the day passed by without me even realizing it, so now it’s about a year and two weeks since I first I arrived in Japan. It’s been a pretty awesome year, if you ask me, minus my freaking family and girlfriend being so far away (talk about a downer). I’ve learned a lot in my year abroad about the Japanese people and culture, being a good teacher and mentor, and being less shy around people.
    But this post is more about another important part of me being in Japanese; learning Japanese. I’ve been studying Japanese for a long time now (four years in November!), and Japanese is now (I’ll say officially) my second language. I studied German in high school, but it was never a serious thing and I never felt like I could (or even tried, really) to speak with people in German. It was just a subject to me, which is why I can understand a bit, but I can’t speak a lick of it. Japanese is the first language outside of my native language where I can have an actual conversation. This is VERY different from sounding like a native, just as a matter of fact for those who haven’t taken a serious stab at language learning.