Don't worry everyone, I've received plenty of goading and pressure from my family for being so quiet, and for that reason, I figured I'd at least post SOMETHING. Not a video, sorry. But during the second week of August, during my Obon Vacation, I went to Nagoya, one of the larger cities in Japan. I stayed there for three days and two nights, and lucky for all my wonderful fans (mostly family, I know), I took bunches of pictures. With an iPhone, but most of them actually turned out okay.
    My itinerary included visiting Nagoya castle the first day, and it was beautiful, if a little hot. It's very clearly rebuilt and modernized (there's an elevator in the castle, for real), and Honmaru Palace was newly reconstructed THIS YEAR. It's so new, it still smells like fresh cut wood. Very nice and clean.
    The next day, I went to the Nagoya Aquarium (probably the low point of the trip, since it was swamped with little children and parents all squished together), a shopping area called Osu, and a nearby city called Inuyama, with its own castle. In Osu, I met a nice Japanese family looking for kimonos, and they were super nice! They helped me get a good size yukata and all the things I needed, meaning that once I came back to Aizu, all I had to get was the traditional shoes. Now I'm ready for the Festival that takes place this September in Aizu. ^ - ^

    I think one of the best parts of the trip was Inuyama, though. It's a lot smaller, and the castle, while small, is said to be the oldest castle in Japan (as far as I understood). Whereas most castles in Japan are reconstructed after being destroyed, Inuyama is mostly the original castle. It had a very authentic and nostalgic feel to it. And the best part was the view. It overlooks a river (which enhanced it's defensive capabilities as well), and I took a great picture of the sunset over the river just before dark. You'll see that one above, since it might just be my favorite picture.
    Both nights, I went to Sakae, which is considered the entertainment area of Nagoya, and it didn't disappoint. I managed to try a lot of Nagoya cuisine, like hitsumabushi and kishimen, there, and both nights I managed to find a bar and meet some new people. The first night I met a Japanese guy and we played darts (and he kicked my butt big time), and the second night, I met a Swedish guy who took me to an insanely crowded club, where we proceeded to have some shots and jump around like idiots. Great times.
    Finally, I visited a huge park in Nagakute city, another one close to Nagoya, on the third day before going back to Aizu. It was kind of a favor, but it was a really nice park with a lot to do, and after around three or four hours walking around and checking things out, I got to see about 30% of the park. I probably could have spent another day there, and this is where most of the pictures I took are from.
    But enough of me babbling, you want to see pictures! I'll put them in slideshow format, and you can check them out at your own leisure. That's right, 104 pictures (I think). Enjoy, and I'll try to update sooner rather than later. Thanks for reading and being super great awesome, everyone!


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