I couldn't, with all that's gone on, write an entry like I usually do today. It's been ten years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and just walking across campus today, I can feel something different than what I've ever really felt on this campus. Just walking across the UP, the sight of the flag flying at half mast, the cadet marching vigils, and the hundreds of small flags arranged on the grass, it's hard not to feel moved and sympathetic for the people who have been living a decade without a loved one who they thought were just going to another day of work.
    Ten years ago, I was in seventh grade. I remember that day that we were all called to our advisor's rooms with the rest of our classmates and that I was a little confused, but not nervous or anxious. I remember being shown the video of what had happened on a small TV in a little room, and watching everyone react. I had no family anywhere near NYC at that point, and I don't think I had really left NH except to visit Boston and some parts of Maine, so in all honesty, I don't feel like I can relate to many other people who can recall their exact thoughts and feelings at the moment they found out.
    Now, ten years later, I'm in my final year of college, getting ready to graduate, and I've been many different places. Vermont, New Orleans, Washington DC, Florida, Maryland, and NYC close to a dozen times. I went through my freshmen year and met lots of new people, some of which I know are from NYC, and my girlfriend's family even lives in Queens. I think I can honestly say that now, after all the people I've met and things I've done, I feel it more now, ten years after the fact, than I did on that day in 7th grade.
    It might not be much, but I want to offer my sincerest condolences to those most affected by the attacks. I want to thank all the people who were serving or chose to serve after September 11, 2001 in the United States Military. I want to thank Police, Fire, and Medical personnel who gave themselves to doing everything they could after the attacks. And I also want to thank the everyday civilians who volunteered themselves to help out in anyway they could, reminding everyone why we love living in America. Never Forget.


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