Alright, I meant to post the pictures from my Tokyo and Kyoto trip, but this app on my phone for this website is giving me a little trouble. It insists I have no pictures on my iPhone, when I know for sure that's baloney. Tasty, but nevertheless annoying baloney. I'm working on getting real Internet, so as soon as possible, I'll try to post those pictures. On the upside, I had fun and got to spend the whole time with a pretty lady. I'm sad she had to leave, but the two weeks she was here were fabulous. No one else McGuyver's a cake out of pancakes and ice cream for me, that's for sure.
So yeah, a little bit more wait, but on to my japaneseyness. Hit a bit of a snag after not using much Japanese for a few weeks, and I'm trying to get back into it. I gave a student some advice today based on what I'm dealing, so it kind of worked out, but I feel the advice can work for lots of things that people usually put off; get into a routine/habit. Took me long enough to catch on, but now I'm trying to form good habits for Japanese learning. I'll let you know how it goes.
Again, short update just to fill all the peoples in, but I'm working on the pictures! Thanks everyone! Hope you're starting your new year right!

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