That was quick, huh? Here I am writing to all of you on my new computer I just bought a few days ago. It was a real good deal, and it has all the specifications I was looking for so that I'll be able to run any engineering programs I'll use this next year at college. So good for me and good for you!
    Today is actually my brother's birthday party, so I can't write too long, but I will say that I redownloaded the Japanese learning tool I had been using for a while (it's WaKan, on the links menu) and also a different one for learning Italian! It's working pretty well so far, and I learned a bunch of new words on it already. So now I know how to ask a local to help me out (può aiutarmi?). After that, I'd hope they know some English, or I'd be boned.
    With my computer out for a while, I haven't been getting much practice in other languages with the exception of listening to my music in the car, so it's been slow. I hope now I can move things along again and really throw it into overtime.
    But I've gotta leave and eat cake and enjoy my family, which will be loads more fun than writing for people who aren't reading anyway. No offense, you're just not my loving, wonderful family. So arrivederci for now, and I'll be quite content to keep writing in the next couple months. じゃね!


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